Project Description

EPRUI Nanoparticles&Microspheres Co.Ltd. cooperate closely with the top microspheres research centers in China and can supply a complete line of monodisperse microspheres for labs, institutions, universities or related industry over the world. The monodisperse microspheres EPRUI can supply including:

A: Monodiserse Polystyrene Microspheres
1. Monodisperse PS Microspheres-Non crosslinked
2. Monodisperse PS Microspheres-crosslinked
3. Monodisperse Porous PS Microspheres-crosslinked
4. Monodisperse Core-Shell PS Microspheres
5. Monodisperse Polystyrene Microspheres—with functional group

B: Monodisperse SiO2 Microspheres
1. Monodisperse Silica Microspheres-Porous
2. Monodisperse Silica Microspheres-Nonporous
3. Monodisperse Silica Microspheres-with functional group

C: Monodisperse Porous PMA Microspheres
1.Monodisperse Porous Poly(meth)acrylic Microspheres-Crosslinked
2.Monodisperse Porous Poly(meth)acrylic Microspheres-Functional Group

D:Monodisperse PMMA Microspheres
1. Monodisperse Poly methyl methacrylate Microspheres

E: Monodisperse Hollow Microspheres
1. Monodisperse Hollow Microspheres-crosslinked Polystyrene shell
2. Monodisperse Hollow Microspheres-silica shell

F: Monodisperes GMA Microspheres
1. Monodisperse Porous Glycidyl methacrylate Microspheres

G: Storage
4℃store in refrigerator but do not freeze.

EPRUI promise to supply monodisperse microspheres with high quality,good sphericity and competitive price! Customization is accepted if for special needs.