Project Description

Industrial PMMA Microspheres

EPRUI supplies industrial PMMA microspheres with perfect spherical morphology, precisely controlled particle size, and narrow particle size distribution. PMMA microspheres are widely used in LED, LCD industry as light diffusion material in light covers, light tubes, LCD light diffusion plate or diffusion film and in cosmetic, coating industry and so on because of its good flowability, easy to disperse in organic solvents and heat and weathering resistance.


  1. Uniform particle size
  2. Easy to disperse with no agglomerations
  3. High purity with no pollutions
  4. Good compatibility
  5. Chemical stability
  6. High light transmittance and controllable refractive index


AppearanceWhite Powder
MorphologyPerfect Spherical
Particle Size5um,8um,10um,12um,15um,20um,40um
Refractive Index1.49-1.59
Heat Resistance250-270℃


  1. LED tube and cover
  2. LCD diffuser film and plate
  3. Anti-scratch and matting agent for plastic film
  4. Texture paint for coil coating
  5. Painting or ink additives
  6. Ceramic pore forming agent
  7. Anti-caking agent
  8. Cosmetic additives to improve light scattering, smoothness

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