Project Description

Monodisperse TiO2 Microsphere

EPRUI Nanoparticles&Microspheres Co.Ltd. cooperate closely with the leading microspheres research institution who is now able to manufacture ultra-pure monodisperse TiO2 microspheres with precisely controlled uniform particle size and narrow size distribution.

ApperancePorosityW/VSodium Azide ConcentrationsurfactantDensity
White dispersion in water or organic solventsNonporous1%;2%50ppm<0.1% (W/V) or None3.9g/cm³



Customization is accepted if need special particle size or carrying with chemical groups!


TiO2 nanosphere has hydrophilic surface. When PH≤4.5, it is positive and shows negative when PH≥5; TiO2 microparticles are stable in organic solvents and are insoluble in weak acid and bases. It is widely used in the fields:

  1. Used as model systems in medicine, biochemistry, colloid chemistry, and aerosol research;
  2. Unique refractive index and density;
  3. Easy to handle
  4. Optical tweezers manipulation;
  5. High mechanical stability;
  6. Extremely selective for phosphorylated peptide extraction and/or enrichment from proteolytic digests;
  7. Packing of HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography),UPLC (ultrapressure liquid chromatography) and Capillary columns.
    • More selective than IMAC for most applications, Broad PH range;
    • Separation of alkaline compounds;
    • Separation of pharmaceutical compounds, pesticides and herbicides;
    • Separation of diastereoisomers, positional isomers and substitutional isomers.

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