Gap control spacer microspheres are micron sized polymer or silica microspheres which are mainly sprayed between the glass substrates to maintain the cell gap of liquid crystal precisely and evenly. The flourishing development of the liquid crystal panel industry is inseparable from a series of key technologies and cell gap microspheres. Nowadays, Japan companies such as Seikisui, Hitachi, and Sony are main suppliers in the world of these spacer microbeads, which covers over 90% output in the market. Although China becomes the largest manufacturer of LCD panels in the world since 2017. China LCD panel manufacturers still need to import cell gap spacers from Japan and the total import value is as high as several billion RMB per year. The breakthroughs in localization of spacer microspheres and substitution for Japan spacer products are inevitable trends in the future.

TFT LCD Structure

Now, it is the time for Chinese monodisperse microspheres suppliers to stand out.

By cooperating with the most advanced microbeads research experts in China, EPRUI has developed the world’s leading technology to precisely control the particle size of monodisperse microspheres, which has fundamentally solved the problem of the preparation and mass production of spacer microbeads. The great advantages over other competitors are including saving preparation cost, shortening the supply cycle. For example, the standard production period is 6 months while it can be shortened to 6 days in EPRUI. The reason why the production cycle of foreign companies is long is that the control of the particle size is mainly achieved through fine screening, while we now use a more advanced “seed method” to prepare the microsphere. The monodisperse microspheres can be expanded and polymerized at the same time and prepared at one time. It does not need to waste time on the particle size screening. By using this technology, the output can achieve hundreds of kilogram per time.