Rubber is a kind of elastic body with good flexibility. but its overall performance is not satisfactory. In order to improve the strength,abrasion resistance and aging resistance of rubber products,carbon black is usually added into the rubber compound during the production process.Due to carbon black additives, the rubber products will show black apperance.That’s the reason why most tyres today are in black.

SiO2 powder can also be used as rubber reinforcing filler. Common SiO2 powder is in secondary aggregate state and can not bring the reinforcing into full play when added into rubber while if use SiO2 nanopowder instead which is prepared by sol-gel technology,the SiO2 nanoparticles will have much better dispersity and which will help rubber show excellent mechanical property. By using nano SiO2 powder,new type of rubber with special features can be designed under control.For example,by controlling particle size of nano SiO2,special rubber,which show different photosensitivity to different wave band like antiultraviolet rubber,reflection type infrared rubber can be prepared.Also,rubber with great insulation can be produced by using of high dielectric of SiO2 nanoparticles.Besides,nano SiO2 can be added to produce multi color tyres.The color will last for a long time. According to the test results,by adding SiO2 nanoparticles into common rubber,the product strength,abrasion resistance,aging resistance will be much better than traditional high grade rubber. e.x. The tensilestrength of vulcanized rubber will increase from 0.35Mpa to 14Mpa and the reinforcing effect will increase rubber strength by 40 times.

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