In rainy days, dripping umbrellas or raincoats are always troublesome. Now, a newly invented nano umbrella by Swiss scientists can get you out of the damp weather.

The scientists use super hydrophobic nano SiO2 as raw material to ensure that the umbrella is always dry. Super hydrophobic nano silica has dendritic structure whose contact angel is greater than 160 degree. Once you get home you can hang it up without getting all your non-nano clothes wet .Even after heavy rain, just give this umbrella a good shake and it will be clean and dry right away.

Even in light-coloured fabric, it will keep looking immaculate for years. The secret: Innovative nanotechnology is modelled on a natural phenomenon – the lotus leaf.

Nano umbrella raincoat

In nature, a fascinating effect is produced by the microscopic, rough nanostructure on the leaves of the lotus plant: Dirt and moisture simply roll off. This is because there is a much smaller surface area to which things can stick than on a smooth surface.

The design of your nano umbrella is based on this natural principle, with the result that moisture does not penetrate the fabric and so there is no tedious drying. This process was developed in Switzerland during many years of research.

It is available online from nano umbrella shop for $30.