1. Cuprous oxide powder can be used to make antifouling paint which can kill lower marine animals. It can also improve the ingredient compatibility and storage stability of the coating. Our cuprous oxide has stable release rate of copper-ion for antifouling paint thereby prolonging the period of validity of the antifouling paint.

2. Cu2O powder can be added into fiber to make bacterial and mildew resistant clothes.

3. Cu2O powder can be used to produce efficient pesticides.

4. Cu2O powder can be used to make light catalyst which is able to degrade organic compounds to treat organic water pollution.

5. It can be used as solid propellant and combustion catalyst.

6. Copper (Ⅰ) oxide can also be used as colorants for ceramic, enamel and red glass. It is also used for producing various copper salts, reagents and ballast and rectifier plating in the electric industry.

7. Cuprous oxide powder is used as flame retardant and smoke suppressant for PVC (polyvinyl chloride).