Project Description

Cuprous Oxide Nanoparticles


EPRUI-YHYT100Cu2O NanoparticlesBrick Red99.5+%100nmEasy to disperse in various solution


  1. Nano Cu2O can be used as antifouling agent for marine paints and which can help extend operating life of stain proof paint
  2. Auxiliary in photo catalytic degradation of organics
  3. Deodorization and degerming additive in functional fiber
  4. Stabilizing additive for anti-fouling paint
  5. Coloring agent for glass and ceramic
  6. Catalyst as combustion improver additive in solid propellant and explosive
  7. Analytical reagent
  8. Inflaming retarding and smoke suppressor additive for PVC

Storage Conditions

Nano Cu2O should be sealed in vacuum and stored in cool and dry room and it should not be exposure to air. In addition, the product should be avoided under stress.

Cuprous oxide (Cu2O) is very unstable, during application or exposure to air, very small percentage of the material might be oxidized to Copper Oxide (CuO), or restore to Copper (Cu) – we use high purity metal copper for making Cu2O nanopowder。

Therefore, containing little impurity phase (CuO or Cu) is quite normal and very difficult to remove it. However it generally does not affect any performance.

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