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Lanthanum Oxide Nanoparticles


Nano lanthanum oxide is white powder, density 6.51g/cm3, melting point 1430℃、1557℃、1620℃, slightly soluble in water, soluble in acid and generates the corresponding salts.

Exposure to air, it is easy to absorb carbon dioxide and water, and gradually becomes rare earth hydroxide and 50% acetylene and hydrogen as well as hydrocarbon. Burning lanthanum oxide combines with water, emits large amounts of heat.

La2O3 nanoparticle is current conducting just like metal. Nano lanthanum oxide can be made by mixing rare earth metal and a certain carbon into a ball and heat and melt in tantalum crucibles.


EPRUI-La01La2O3 Nanoparticleswhite50nm99.99%125m2/g


  1. Nanometer lanthanum oxide can be used in piezoelectric materials to Increase product piezoelectric coefficients and improve product energy conversion efficiency;
  2. Nano lanthanum oxide can be used for the manufacture of precision optical glass, high-refraction optical fiber, all kinds of alloy materials;
  3. Nano lanthanum oxide can be used for the preparation of organic chemical products catalysts, and in automobile exhaust catalyst; Nanometer Lanthanum oxide can improve the burning rate of propellant, is a promising catalyst;
  4. Because the photoelectric conversion efficiency of nano-lanthanum oxide is high, it can be used in light-converting agricultural film;
  5. Nano-lanthanum oxide can be used in electrode materials and in light-emitting material (blue powder), hydrogen storage materials, laser materials etc.

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