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ZnO Nanoparticles


Name: Nano Zinc Oxide, Nano ZnO, Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles, Zinc Oxide Nanopowder, Zinc White Nanoparticles
CAS No: 1314-13-2
Molecular Weight: 81.37

Nano Zinc Oxide is used in many areas such as shielding UV light, absorbing infrared light, sterilization care, cooling or warming and also has many other magical functions. Nano ZnO can also improve the comprehensive mechanical properties of rubber by improving its resistance to wearing and tearing. The unique antibacterial function of zinc oxide nanoparticles is widely used in advanced antimicrobial and self-cleaning hygiene ceramics, floor tile, paints, and plastics etc.; Its excellent electrical and optical properties make it good material for producing voltage dependent resistor, phosphors, image recording.

The particle size of nano zinc oxide (ZnO) is between 1-100 nm. It is a new kind of fine inorganic products with multifunction showing great special properties such as nonmigration, fluorescence, piezoelectricity, absorption and scattering of UV ability. Gas sensors, phosphors, varistors, UV shielding materials, the image recording material, piezoelectric material, varistor efficient catalysts, magnetic materials and plastic film and so on can be manufactured with the use of Nano ZnO’s wonderful performance in the optical, electrical, magnetic, and sensitive side.


ItemProduct NameAPSPurityColorMorphology
EPRUI-J30Nano ZnO30nm99.80%milky whitenearly spherical 
EPRUI-J50Nano ZnO50nm99.80%
EPRUI-J200Nano ZnO200nm99.80%


  1. Used as vulcanization activator in the rubber industry, catalysts and additives in petroleum chemical industry, and is the most favorable material for producing car tires, aircraft tires, industrial cable as well as zinc oxide ceramics;
  2. Used in the industries of painting and coatings, transparent rubber, latex and plastics, and can increase the strength, compactness, adhesion, and smooth finish of the products;
  3. the antibacterial agent and deodorant materials, medicine and health with sterilization materials, glass-ceramic sterilization self-cleaning materials, sterilization dressing of the pharmaceutical industry;
  4. Used in the industries of electronics and instrument and to manufacture, electrical device, radio, wireless fluorescence lamp, image recorder, rheostat, and phosphor and so on.
  5. Sunscreening agent used in cosmetics, antibacterial and health protection antiager; UV protection;
  6. Used in military field as infrared absorption material.

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