Project Description

CeO2 Nanoparticles


ItemProduct NameAPSPurityColorMorphology
EPRUI-Ce01CeO2 Nanoparticles50nm99.99%Light Yellownearly spherical 
EPRUI-Ce02CeO2 Nanoparticles100nm99.99%


  1. When add nano cerium oxide into ceramics, it seldomly form pores , which can effectively improve the ceramic’s smoothness and density;
  2. The catalytic activity of nano cerium oxide is ideal for coating materials or catalysts;
  3. Nano ceo2 can be added in plastic, rubber for anti UV, aging resistance, rubber heat stabilizer, etc.
  4. Nano CeO2 can be used as high efficienct catalyst, precision polishing, chemical additives, electronic ceramics, structural ceramics, ultraviolet absorbers,and battery materials
  5. Nano CeO2 can be used in fine ceramics to lower sintering temperature, inhibit crystal growth and improve density;
  6. Nano CeO2 can be used as alloy coating: By adding nano CeO2 into zinc nickel, zinc and Zn Fe alloy, zinc electrodeposition process can be changed, which prompted the crystal face to choose preferred orientation making even and dense plating which is more corrosion resistant.
  7. Nano CeO2 added into polymer can improve its the thermal stability and anti ageing properties.
  8. Nano CeO2 can be used as heat stabilizer and anti aging agent for plastic, rubber.
  9. Nano CeO2 can be used asplastic lubricant to improve its lubricant coefficience.
  10. Nano CeO2 used for precision polishing

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