Project Description


ItemPurityAPSSSAColorMorphologyMass RatioDispersity
EPRUI-ITO3099.99%30nm40.74m2/gGreen greybody-centered CubicIn2O3:SnO2=90:10no hard agglomeration, can be dispersed in various liquids


  1. Nano indium tin oxide powder is mainly used to produce transparent conductive coatings for liquid crystal displays, flat panel displays, plasma displays, touch panels, electronic ink and so on.
  2. ITO nanopowder is also used for various optical coatings, infrared-reflecting coatings (hot mirrors) for architectural, automotive, and sodium vapor lamp glasses are mostly used.
  3. Indium Tin Oxide nanoparticles have been used as conductive material in plastic electroluminescent lamp.
  4. Nano ITO powder can be used to make thin film strain gauges which can operate at temperatures up to 1400 °C and can be used in harsh environments, e.g. gas turbines, jet engines, and rocket engines

Storage Conditions

Nano ITO should be sealed in vacuum and stored in cool and dry room and it should not be exposure to air. In addition, the product should be avoided under stress.

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