Project Description

Nickel Oxide Nanoparticles


Nickel oxide nanopowder is green black, 20nm, spherical, with purity of 99.5% and density of 6.827 g/cm3. It has a wide range of uses.


EPRUI-YHN20NiO NanoparticleGrey Dark20nm99.99%50m2/gNearly Spherical


  1. Catalyst
  2. Adhesive and coloring agents for enamel;
  3. Active optical filters;
  4. Antiferromagnetic layers;
  5. Automotive rear-view mirrors with adjustable reflectance;
  6. Cathode materials for alkaline batteries;
  7. Electro chromic materials;
  8. Energy efficient smart windows (with adjustable absorption and reflectance in the visible and near-IR wavelength range) P-type transparent conductive films;
  9. Pigments for ceramics and glasses;
  10. Materials for gas or temperature sensors, such as formaldehyde sensor, CO sensor, H2 sensor
  11. Counter electrode

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