What is LCD spacer?

Spacer supports the two glass panels in a liquid crystal display(LCD). Uniform microspheres are the ideal material used in LCD screens to provide a precision spacing. It will make a flatter LCD screen. If there is no LCD spacer, the panels will dent and make the screen uneven.(see below) Uniform microspheres between glass panels

LCD spacer microspheres

Requirement of LCD spacer microspheres:

  1. Spherical microspheres with no agglomeration
  2. Uniform particle size
  3. High purity. No liberation of alkaline ions; The content of uranium, thorium and other radioactive elements are less than 0.1 ppb.
  4. The surface is rich in silicon hydroxyl groups (-SiOH), assuring excellent reaction with silane and titamate coupling agents. It is also possible to bond functional molecules via surface OH groups as a carrier for synthesizing complex particles.
  5. The microspheres can withstand high temperature. Weight reduction is hardly observed in the temperature range from 200 to 800 ℃ which makes it especially suits for the use in epoxy seals requiring high curing temperatures.

To sum up, our nonporous monodisperse silica microspheres and nonporous crosslinkes PS/DVB microspheres can be the ideal materials for LCD spacer.