Nanotechnology has more than 20 years development history since 1990. However, only until recent years,scientists begin to unveil the mystery of nanotechnology.The times for nanotechnology application has just arrived.

As the prediction by nanoscientists, Nanotechnology will have even greater impact on the life of human beings than computer revolution does. Nanotechnology covers a wide range of domains from daily used battery,the clothes we wear to cancer treatment. Nanotechnology has closely connected with all aspects of our daily life.

nanoparticles treat cancer

The most significant feature of nanotechnology is small scale of material. 1 nanometer is equal to one billion of a meter.Little finger nail of a grown-up is about 5 million nanometers in width. Compared one nanometer with one meter is equal to compare a piece of marble with the Earth.
Why nanotechnology is so eye-catching? The reason is that it has a marvelous performance. For example, an aluminum foil is torn into many aluminum strips. It will still manifest the performance of aluminum. Despite these aluminum strips are very small,they can still be seen under a microscope. However,if you continue to tear down the aluminum strips until it reaches 20 to 30 nanometers in diameter. At this time, nanoscale aluminium will show you unexpected performance.
Researchers mix aluminum nanopowder with metal oxides to create a “super-thermite” material. The chemical reaction rate of this material is thousands of times than ordinary materials.This special material can release much more energy in a shorter time. Moreover, by controlling the size of nano aluminum,the nanoparticle size of Aluminium and the speed of the reaction, the application field of Aluminium nanoparticles can be greatly broaden. For example, it can be applied to underwater explosions or added to the rocket fuel.Of course, not all nano-sized materials have such a magnificient performance. However, scientists already have a lot application areas to explore for the peculiar nanoparticles presently they have discovered. Nanoscientists will need to fully tap the potential of nanomaterials and use these nanomaterials to create a variety of new materials such as conductive plastics, coating to prevent iron from rusting and so on.

To be continued…Forsight of nanotechnology

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