Export Quota in 2013

2012-11-1 China Ministry of Commerce News

According to "Total export quota of agricultural products and industrial goods exports in 2013",which was released on Thursday by The Ministry of Commerce in China . Not like last years,Bauxite and silicon carbide does not appear in this industrial export quotas.
In addition, the next year of phosphate rock and magnesia export quotas were 100 million tons and 167 million tons, a decrease of 200,000 tons and 130,000 tons.Respectively, compared with 2012, the export quota of the talcum (block) increased from 70000 to 750000 tons. The rest of the industrial and agricultural products export quotas and consistent this year.
The change of export quota may result in price changes,importers of bauxide,silicon carbide and other related products will need to take this news seriously.


China export quota 2013

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