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Oil Soluble Silver Nanopowder


EPRUI supplies a kind of oil soluble silver nanopowder which is black with blue luster. The average particle size is between 3-7nm, 10-20nm. The surface is coated with oleic acid which is unsaturated C18 fatty acid.

The oil soluble Ag nanopowder has excellent dispersion effect in nonpolar and weak polar solvents (n-heptane, xylene, chloroform, petroleum ether, etc.) The sintering temperature is 220℃ for 30 min and 280℃ for 5 min.

nano Ag dispersion

Pic.1: Oil soluble Ag nanoparticles in n-Heptane

Nano Ag TGA

Pic.2: UV-Vis Spectrum of nano Ag in n-Heptane(Left) ; TGA of nano Ag(Right)


Silver Nanoparticles3-7nmSphericalBlack with blue luster or Black dispersion
Silver Nanoparticles10-15nmSphericalBlack with blue luster or Black dispersion


  1. Broad-spectrum sterilization with long lasting effect. In just a few minutes, it can kill more than 650 kinds of bacteria
  2. Various antibacterial finishing for textiles, paper products, leather and sponge
  3. Anti-bacterial deodorant treatment for all kinds of footwear, toys and daily necessities
  4. Used to implement anti-bacterial deodorizing for a variety of water-based and oil-based paints
  5. Widely used in the medical field: microbicides, medical rubber hose, antibacterial gel, lotion and tablets; soap, cleaning supplies
  6. Nano silver can be added to PE, PP, PC, PET, ABS and other plastics to achieve antibacterial function
  7. The surface of Ag nanoparticles can be functionalized with different groups. It can be used for enhancing the effect of Raman scattering which will greatly improve the detectable signal of the object
  8. With help of Ag nanoparticles, the process of electrochemical and the mechanism of drug action can be studied on the molecular level
    When linked with benzotriazole carboxylic ligand, Ag nanoparticles can be used for detection of heavy metal cobalt ion and the test result can be visualized
  9. Nano silver dispersion can be used in conductive ink or conductive adhesive
  10. Nano Ag can be used to make stealth material
  11. Ag dispersion can be used in silver coating film
  12. It can be used as reaction catalyst in nonpolar or weak polar solvent

Storage Conditions

  1. It is stable when store in the PH 5-12 buffer.
  2. If store in acid solution,Ag nanoparticle gel is easy to get precipitated
  3. Avoid sunlight
  4. After contact with skin, wash with soap water. If splash into eyes, please rinse with a lot of water

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