Project Description

Boron Nanopowder


Pure boron powder is brown or black brown odorless powder with active chemical character. Boron compounds were known for thousands of years ago, but the pure boron was first discoverd until 1808 by two French chemists: Sir Humphry Davy and J.L Gay-Lussac. The name Boron originates from a combination of carbon and the Arabic word buraqu meaning borax. It exists in nature mainly by borate minerals. Heating borax with carbon is the key process to obtain boron.

FormulaAtomic NumberMolecular WeightElectronegativity (Pauling)DensityMelting PointBoiling PointVanderwaals radiusIonic radiusEnergy of first ionization
B510.81 g/mol22.3 at 20 °C2076 °C3927 °C200.pm0.027 nm800.64 kJ/mol


ItemColorPurityAPSHardness(mohs)MgH2O2 InsolubleBoron soluble in waterMoisture
Pure Boron PowderBrown>99.9999%≤1um9.5////
Boron PowderBrown95-97%≤2um9.5≤2%≤1<0.5%<0.5%


  1. additives in pyrotechnics
  2. raw material to produce other borides
  3. deoxidizer in Oxygen-free smelting
  4. additive in MgO-C bricks used for steel-making high temperature furnace
  5. a kind of component of advanced ceramic
  6. additives for welding
  7. composition of special alloy
  8. propellant in solid rocket
  9. ignitor in the air bag of automobile
  10. coatings or hardening agent

Storage Conditions

This product should be sealed and stored in a cool, drying chamber and should avoid exposing to the air in order to prevent moisture reunion which will affect the dispersion properties and result use. Stress should be avoided.

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