Project Description

Graphite Nanoparticles


The high purity and high carbon nano graphite powder is prepared by laser ablation method and is widely used in the fields of conductive coatings, glass manufacturing, lubricant formation, metallic alloys, nuclear reactors, powder metallurgy, and structural materials.


ItemPurityAPSColorBulk DensityMorphologySSA
Graphite (C) Nanoparticles99%40nm Black0.13g/cm3Flake180㎡/g


  • Natural graphite is mostly consumed for refractory, steelmaking, expanded graphite, brake linings, foundry facings and lubricants;
  • Natural graphite has found uses as the marking material (“lead”) in common pencils, in zinc-carbon batteries, in electric motor brushes, and various specialized applications. Aluminum/graphite composites for bearings, pistons, and liners in engines
  • Carbon adsorbents for gas chromatography
  • Cupper/graphite and silver/graphite nanocomposites for electrical brushes and contact strips
  • Inorganic filler (graphite/polymer nanocomposites)
  • Support materials for precision metal powder catalysts Graphite/polymer nanocomposites for enhanced electrical conductivity
  • Metal matrix composites for reduced friction and wear

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