Project Description

Zirconium Diboride Nanoparticles


  1. Nano zirconium diboride powder possesses high purity, narrow particle size distribution, large specific surface area
  2. Zirconium diboride nanoparticle has a high melting point (3040 ℃), high hardness, high thermal conductivity, etc., is an excellent high temperature structural materials
  3. ZrB2 nanoparticle has metallicity which shows fantastic conductivity and its electric resistance is slightly lower than metal zirconium
  4. It is stable in a wide temperature range
  5. Good oxidation resistance in air and anti-corrosion ability


ItemPurityAPSSSAColorMorphologyZeta PotentialBulk Density
ZrB2 Nanoparticle>99.9%45nm38m2/gBlackHexagonal46.1mV0.05g /cm3


  • Used as high temperature resistant materials in space industry and as wear-resistant and smooth solid material, cutting tools, temperature thermocouple protective tube as well as the electrolysis of molten compound electrode material
  • It is particularly suitable for use as surface coating of rolling balls
  • Used in special ceramic industry and refractory industry
  • Used in nuclear industry and military industry

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